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Who's who on the NVM Campus

by kevintemerson 11. April 2012 05:06

If you haven't traveled to the Nehemiah campus in Haiti recently, you may be surprised at the many new faces you will find working as missionaries and interns on campus. While everyone knows nurse Aubree Dell who is almost through her second year at NVM, she is joined by fellow nurses, E'Tienne York and Brooke Smalley, who have been on campus since last summer.


Aubree, E'Tienne, and Brooke enjoying time with their little friends in Chambrun.


Brandon and Katie Hutchens have been on campus since November serving as the Mission Team coordinators. Brandon and Katie have grown in their roles since coming to campus.

Brandon and Katie

GAiN USA Missionaries Jim & Cheryl Warner along with two of their daughters have been here since the end of May and have recently expresssed their desire to stay on campus for another year. Jim and Cheryl coordinate the GAiN teams that come to campus. In additiion, Cheryl teaches the sewing, beading and basketmaking outreaches to Haitian women, while Jim leads an outreach to Haitian pastors one Saturday each month.



Jim & Cheryl Warner along with their daughters (front row on each end) and a few GAiN team members.


We also have two interns on campus, Maggie Younker who will be heading home in June and Jordan Piper who will be heading home in July.

Jordan & Maggie have been a tremendous asset on campus, helping mission teams with their projects and doing a lot of the "behind the scenes" things to make people's experiences on campus more enjoyable and rewarding.



Jordan Piper


Maggie Younker

Finally, but certainly not least, we have Brodie Herb, Pastor Pierre's personal assistant who has been on campus on and off for about 16 months. Brodie has been wonderful in helping keep communications flowing from campus to the US and back. Brodie will be returning home to get married next month.


Brodie and her fiancée Greg


The whole campus team


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