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Friday, May 21

by jkb1010 22. May 2010 03:21

Sitting out on the patio enjoying a wonderful rainstorm and the awesome cool temps for right now! We know it will be hot and muggy once it's over! Worked at the clinic for the last 2 days. Saw approx 160 patients yesterday and 150 today. Everything has gone really well. The team is working great together. Those that do construction have been working on putting the fence up around the entire campus. We watched as GAIN made a bridge using a container that was brought down full of food. It is so neat to see how people are thinking about ways to use the items that God has provide....I never thought about recycling a semi trailer container into a bridge to the warehouse! The walls are starting to be constructed on the warehouse as well. Lots of people working really hard to help the people of Chambrun. It's great to be a part of it!


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