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Avoca Team Arrives Safely in Haiti

by kevintemerson 16. February 2011 16:52

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

by Cindy Peterson

Haiti Day 1

We arrived safely in Haiti last evening after 3 uneventful flights. All of our totes made it through intact. Praise the Lord for that. The dental team is missing one of theirs. Hopefully it shows up soon.

Today we got down to business. The constructions guys cleaned and organized the warehouse and started the finish work on the chicken coop. They are expecting the chickens to arrive soon and they will need their house ready to live in before then!

The medical team helped in clinic , sorted the med totes , and packaged meds for the remote clinic we will be doing tomorrow.

We have seen familiar faces, and met a lot of new people also. Things here are changed so much since last May, that it is nearly unrecognizable. A LOT of new buildings are completed or nearly completed. The new dorms are very roomy, and comfortable to sleep in at night thanks to the air conditioning. The bathhouses are almost done. We are using the temporary ones this trip, but look forward to using the new ones next time.

Todays picture is looking out from the current dining hall toward the clinic and offices. It was hot today, but partly cloudy with a good breeze which helps it feel cooler. There were a few rumbles of thunder a bit ago, but no rain so far. We had a few sprinkles last night but not enough to really wet the dust down.

Looking out to the western hills from camp you can see thousands of tent spread over the sides of the mountains. Those weren't there last May when we were here.

Its almost time for dinner. It smells like BBQ chicken. Guess we will find out soon. Lunch was beans and rice with spaghetti sauce. Quite tasty, and filling too. Families, rest assured we are NOT going to go hungry this week! And yes we are drinking our water! The water is clean and pure, but tastes just a little salty.

I'm going to post this while the connection is still good.

Blessings to all!
Cindy (for everyone)


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